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"A superhero comedy/mystery with lots of laughs and sex...
5.0 out of 5 stars! Farce and satire of many things, an entertaining read...
This book captivated me from the start...
Wow — Keith Kornell sure can write!" Read more

Super Born - The Book

Super Born – The Book

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Prepare to be Amazed…

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Super Born is a sexy combination of fast-paced action, rollicking adventure, and a tantalizing love story!

Super Born: Seduction of Being, a fabulous new sci-fi, fantasy novel by Keith Kornell follows a single mom in Scranton, PA who suddenly develops superpowers and the journalist who discovers her heroic, high-flying antics. Follow her as she struggles to balance her superpowers with her duties as a single mom, questions morally and ethically the immensity of her new found skills, and wrestles with whether or not to keep them a secret from her daughter. All while dealing with those who wish to abuse her powers!
Download a chapter and prepare to be amazed.